Sunday, September 21, 2008

Piles in Children: Precautions and Treatment

Piles are most common condition of ano-rectal origin. The veins of lower anal canal are generally get dilated in piles and represent as a cluster of blisters. Single vein could also be involved in the initial stage. Piles may cause intermittent itching or bleeding due to bulging of piles. Conditions piles, anal fistula and anal fissures are conventionally considered to be the health problems of middle aged and elderly people. However, the situation is tilting scales and these diseases are being seen with increased frequency in children and younger people. Altered life style and changing food habits are the main cause of piles in children and younger people. Foods with less quantity of fibre and excess of starch generally cause constipation if less quantity of water is taken. Lack of exercise may further complicate the situation and net result is onset of piles. Piles could be avoided and in the initial stage be treated with high-fibre and less starchy diet. At least 50% relief in majority of patients with anal fissures and piles has been reported with high-fibre diet alone. Complete treatment is possible with high-fibre diet and local application of anaesthetic ointments like lignocaine or xylocaine ointment and diazepam ointment. In complicated cases a variety of treatments are available but a timely medical examination and advice could be of great help to avoid surgical procedures. The best advice is: avoid junk food, do exercise and drink sufficient water to avoid piles.

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