Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Can We Retard The Ageing Process?

Human existence is a divine phenomenon ! Every individual is genetically programmed for birth, growth, ageing, disease and death. The mystery about ageing has been persisting since the time immemorial. Spiritualists, scientists and philosophers are all intrigued to the phenomenon of ageing to find the answers to how and whys of ageing. If we think of four stages of life as: morning , noon, evening and night; the old age could be demarcated as evening of life. In the terms of modern medicine and physiology, the ageing could be termed as an evolution of organs and senses of an individual. In fact the old age and its visible characteristics are symbols of experience and maturity of an individual. Stop worrying about ageing or old age and welcome each day as a beginning of new life. One should have very strong quest for happiness to over come the undue stress and worries. Our mind is always busy and affects our thoughts, feelings and attitude. Be creative and positive in thoughts and actions to immortalize your existence. Human body is a well organized system and its metabolic and vital functions like respiration, cardiac beat, control and maintenance of temperature and various chemical constituents (including enzymes and hormones) are taken care automatically. Various stress factors influence our vital functions and metabolism as well as ageing process due to use and overuse of organs. We can't avoid ageing but can definitely retard it to some extent by busting stress, modifying our lifestyle, eating well-balanced nutritious food and regular exercise. Positive thinking, laughter and entertainment are essential for revitalizing our mind and body. Health and fitness could only be achieved through self discipline. Wish you healthy and youthful living !