Monday, December 29, 2008

Physical Properties Of Some Radioisotopes Used In Medical Field

There are about two dozen radioisotopes finding their use in medical diagnosis and treatment. Here is a list of physical properties of these radioactive isotopes. The list could be beneficial for the students of radiation science.

Physical Properties of some Radioisotopes

The radioisotopes available as mixed with stable isotope from the same element and are called carrier radioisotopes and those available as free from any stable isotope are called carrier free radioisotopes. The carrier free radioactive chemical may contain many milliCuries (mCi) of radiation energy in a few milligrams (mg) of chemical. The radioactive iodine (131I) used in the treatment of hyperthyriodism (hyperactivity of thyroid gland) and evaluation of thyroid function should be carrier free or nearly so.

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